Recycled Fashion Competition: Save the Seas

Welcome young visionaries! Are you ready to combine your passion for fashion with environmental consciousness? Join us at the Montrose Playhouse for the first ever "Save the Seas" Recycled Fashion Competition. This event is part of the LandxSea Film Fest, running from 13-15 September, and celebrates creativity and sustainability. We’re challenging you, the youth of Montrose and Angus, to transform recycled waste into stunning Red Carpet Gala attire. If you are between 14 to 19 years old and have innovative ideas about using unconventional materials, this is your platform to shine! If you are selected as a finalist, your masterpiece will be on display at the Playhouse during the festival, and you'll have the chance to win £150.

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Competition Details

  • Theme: Save the Seas
  • Eligibility: Open to residents of Montrose and Angus aged 14-19
  • Submission Deadline: 24th August
  • Final Garment Delivery: Must be delivered in person to Montrose Playhouse by 12th September


Design Requirements

  • Create an outfit suitable for a film Red Carpet Gala using at least 75% recycled materials. Designs can be for any gender.
  • Use only materials that would otherwise be headed for the bin.
  • Accepted materials include cardboard, plastics, steel, tin, papers (newspapers, magazines etc), wrappers, recycled clothing, styrofoam, and more.
  • Recycled/vintage clothing is only permitted if dramatically altered from its original design/structure.
  • Non-recycled/new binding materials are allowed, such as glue, zippers, wires, velcro, grommets, staples etc.
  • If using fabric linings, please source from old clothes or second-hand charity shops.


Judging and Prizes

  • Categories: Young Teens (14-16), Older Teens (17-19), and People's Choice.
  • Judges: A panel of three local experts will be announced nearer to the competition date.
  • Criteria: Originality, wearability, and quality.
  • Exhibition: All selected finalists will be displayed in the Activity Room at the Montrose Playhouse during the LandxSea Film Fest. Finalists will be notified by 5th September (Mannequins will be provided for the displays).
  • Awards: One grand prize of £150 to be announced at the Festival on 15th September. The prize will be split evenly in team entries.


Submission Guidelines

  • No entry fee required.
  • Compete as an individual or in teams of up to three members. (All contributions must be acknowledged in team entries).
  • Include a written description and a complete list of materials used.
  • Submit several photos showing the garment being worn by a model and capturing as many details as possible.
  • Optionally, submit a video (no longer than 2 minutes) showcasing the garment worn by a model.


Ready to showcase your innovative and environmentally friendly fashion sense?

Enter Your Outfit

We can’t wait to see your creations that not only look fabulous but also make a statement about sustainability and creativity.

Questions? Please contact us at [email protected]

Photos by Karina Tess (at top) and Noah Buscher on Unsplash.