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Join Scotland's leading event for films and discussions that spark green ideas and actions.

LandxSea is Scotland's first environmental film festival, which launched in September 2023. Rooted in the coastal town of Montrose, our festival presents an annual September weekend filled with ground-breaking climate-focused films, guest speakers, and thought-provoking discussions, along with special events throughout the year. Our focus lies in exploring the complex connections between land and sea, showcasing a diversity of environmental narratives from a multitude of global perspectives.

Montrose, a coastal town in North East Scotland located halfway between Dundee and Aberdeen, serves as the ideal venue for this unique festival. Encircled by sandy beaches, a vital wildlife reserve, and panoramic North Sea views, its landscape echoes the environmental themes central to our film selection. Montrose’s dedication to independent arts and its easy accessibility make it a great festival destination.

LandxSea is the first and only film festival in Angus region, hosted in the heart of Montrose at the community-owned Montrose Playhouse, a 1960's swimming pool now renovated into a state-of-the-art multi-screen cinema & arts hub that opened in 2021. The venue, boasting 3 cinema screens equipped with the latest digital projection and sound technology, is a cultural beacon in Angus, bringing together people to revel in film screenings, live performances, workshops, and community gatherings.

In addition to the unique coastal character of Montrose, the upcoming Sea Green Offshore Wind Farm project - the largest in Europe - makes the festival increasingly relevant to our community and resonates with broader global concerns about conservation and sustainability.

Over the festival weekend, we showcase a wide range of films that delve into the human-nature relationship, covering environmental issues, celebrating the beauty of the sea, and much more. Alongside the screenings, there are Q&A sessions with filmmakers and experts, family activities and workshops, and networking events, fostering an environment for connection and collaboration.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exploration of film, nature, and creativity in September. Get ready for a festival experience that highlights the importance of our environment and the power of cinema to inspire, educate, and entertain!

International Collaboration

LandxSea is proud to be the first UK organisation to join the Green Film Network, an international alliance of 32 film festivals across 23 countries, all committed to fostering environmental stewardship through the power of cinema. Our inclusion enables us to connect with global partners, from Turin to Toronto, Tokyo to Tehran, aligning with our commitment to showcasing Scottish talent globally and bringing the finest international green films to our Montrose audience. Learn more about our plans for GFN collaboration.

Green Film Network

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