Our Commitment to Sustainability

At the Montrose LandxSea Film Fest, our mission is not just about creating a platform for films that inspire green ideas and actions, but also about embodying these values in everything we do. We're committed to sustainability, both behind the scenes and during our events, ensuring our operations respect and promote a healthier planet.

Behind The Scenes

Our core team works predominantly remotely, minimising travel and carbon emissions. When we do gather, we prioritise public transport (Montrose has excellent direct train links from many cities, including London), and we strive to source our materials and services locally to support our community and further reduce our carbon footprint.

Our marketing efforts primarily use digital platforms to minimise paper waste. When physical materials are necessary, we choose recycled and sustainably-sourced options, as well as local suppliers, and we ensure they're designed to create minimal waste.

At Our Events

At the festival, we aim to provide a sustainable and enjoyable experience for our guests. Our host venue, the Montrose Playhouse, is a state-of-the-art, community-owned cinema that champions energy efficiency.

We encourage our attendees to use public transportation, walk, bike, or carpool to the festival. On-site, we implement recycling and composting stations to manage waste responsibly, and we provide clear guidance to help our guests contribute to our green efforts.

Our catering partner, Rae's, shares our commitment to sustainability, serving an entirely vegan, sustainably sourced, foraged, and locally grown menu at the 2023 festival.

We're also excited about our Eco Fair, a platform to promote local green businesses and initiatives, and to engage our attendees in interactive, environmentally-focused activities.

While we're proud of these efforts, we recognise that sustainability is an ongoing journey. We're continuously learning, adapting, and seeking new ways to minimise our environmental impact, while maximising the positive influence we can have on our community and our world.

Join us on this journey at the Montrose LandxSea Film Fest – where films, conversation, and action unite for a greener future!