Meet the People Behind the Montrose LandxSea Film Fest

Meet the people behind the Montrose LandxSea Film Fest — from passionate filmmakers to community leaders, all with a commitment to environmental cinema.

Our festival is powered by a dedicated Board of Trustees and an brilliant group of volunteers, all working together to bring you the best environmental cinema experience. We are currently awaiting the determination of our SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) application, which will further formalise our commitment and structure.

Join our team today and be a part of the LandxSea wave!

Rachel Caplan

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Rachel Caplan, Co-Founder & Trustee

Rachel is a seasoned film festival producer with over 25 years of experience working across the UK and USA. Passionate about storytelling, she's dedicated to using cinema as a catalyst for social and environmental change. She launched and grew the San Francisco Green Film Festival into a global platform over a decade. Her journey in environmental cinema has also seen her direct the International Ocean Film Festival, North America's largest showcase for marine films, and produce Scotland's Climate Festival for COP26, sparking conversation at 35 events nationwide. Now back in her homeland of Scotland after 17 years in California, she brings her unique expertise to local initiatives, continuing to elevate climate-focused films and discussions. At LandxSea, Rachel curates film programmes, secures funding, orchestrates logistics, and leads marketing efforts. Contact Rachel about partnership opportunities, film programmes, and general festivals queries.


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Anthony Baxter, Co-Founder & Trustee

Anthony is a globally recognised documentary director and producer based in Montrose. Renowned for his award-winning documentaries, including the highly influential You've Been Trumped, Anthony has used his career in journalism and filmmaking to give a powerful voice to pressing environmental issues. His film Eye of the Storm, a deeply engaging portrayal of renowned Scottish artist James Morrison, won Best Specialist Factual at BAFTA Scotland, cementing his status as a critical filmmaker. Anthony's expertise and industry connections significantly elevate the festival's commitment to showcasing meaningful, impactful cinema. He also created the stunning Festival trailer!


Kenny Alexander

Kenny Alexander, Trustee

Kenny Alexander transitioned from a 35-year career in the petrochemical industry, where he worked in North Sea gas and around Grangemouth's oil and gas complexes, to become a champion of environmental causes. Notably, post-COP26, he relayed the COP baton by land and sea from Glasgow to Sharm El Sheik as a ‘green runner’ and Scotland’s representative. An active participant in climate events across the UK, including Scotland’s annual Climate Camp, Kenny serves as a passionate ambassador for our festival, offering a critical perspective on the environmental transition.


Gemma Bradshaw, Trustee

Bio coming soon.


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Fiona Guest, Trustee

Fiona is a leading producer of wildflower seeds in Scotland, championing the preservation of Scotland's flora. Operating Scotia Seeds, the most northerly wildflower seed producer in the UK, Fiona (and partner Giles Laverack) has deep environmental connections in Angus and is a key figure in the supply of wild seeds for major projects across Scotland and beyond. Her ongoing outreach for the festival, including collaborations with Clay Half, Buglife, Montrose Basin Visitor Centre, and Montrose Sailing Club, is vital to our community engagement and environmental advocacy.


Graham Black

Graham an architect with a passion for creative arts, spent eight years working with a preservation firm in Hawaii, where he was part of the Pacific Building Trade Expo team. In pursuit of creativity outside of architecture, he delved into photography, developing his eye through trial and error. This pursuit saw him evolve into a semi-professional sports photographer, with his work featured in local and national newspapers throughout Angus and Scotland. He has also become an essential creative force for Arbroath Football Club, managing their social media profiles and crafting marketing campaigns with their team. Now, he brings his multifaceted creativity to promote this festival in Angus. He is also the festival's official photographer, capturing the memories and moments of the events.


Jenna Henderson

Bio coming soon! Contact Jenna about participating in the Youth Programmes.


David Paton

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David Paton

David a long-serving associate director at Crawford Architecture and founder and Chair of the Montrose Playhouse SCIO, is a stalwart of the Montrose community. His dedication to community engagement and development is evident in his history of steering significant local projects. This includes the beloved Montrose Music Festival (MoFest) and the transformative renovation of the former town swimming pool into a community-owned state-of-the-art cinema. David was honoured as Montrose Citizen of the Year in 2014 in recognition of his invaluable contribution to MoFest, which under his guidance grew to be the largest free music festival in Scotland. As an architectural designer, David brings a unique perspective on building community, both physically and socially. His extensive leadership experience, deep-rooted connection to the community, and passion for enhancing the vibrancy of local life make him an invaluable asset to the LandxSea team. David also produces the festival's eye-catching posters and graphic materials, as well as organising the lively Eco Fair on the Mall. Contact David about participating in the Eco Fair.


For The Montrose Playhouse

Matt Buchanan

Matt Buchanan, Venue Manager, The Montrose Playhouse

Matt is more than just the Venue Manager for the Playhouse; he's one of the driving forces making it a vibrant community hub. His enthusiasm was instrumental in the venue's successful 2021 launch, which included a range of inclusive social cinema programming initiatives. Through the collaborative efforts of Matt and The Playhouse's team, the venue has initiated Autism and Dementia-friendly screenings, 'Baby and Me' sessions, and local school trips. These initiatives reflect a deep commitment to community inclusivity. His hands-on approach and dedication to making cinema accessible to all are invaluable to the festival. Alongside the Playhouse team, Matt ensures all our festival events run smoothly.

Stewart Buchanan, Assistant Manager, The Montrose Playhouse

Claire Carle, Finance Manager, The Montrose Playhouse


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