2023 Festival Programme

Welcome to the inaugural Montrose LandxSea Film Fest!


Join us on the maiden voyage of LandxSea, a weekend full of inspiring films and thought-provoking conversations designed to spark a deeper connection with our planet. Over the course of three days, we are proud to present a rich selection of 20 new films with guest speakers, discussions, and special events that explore our intricate relationship with land and sea.

Stay tuned, as we continue to add more events and activities. We can't wait to see you at the Montrose Playhouse for this unique celebration of our living planet. Get ready to connect, explore, and be inspired!

LxS Programme 2023

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Opening Night: The Golden Thread

UK Premiere: Discover the decline of Bengal's jute industry and its deep historical ties with our region in this fascinating documentary, plus a discussion with filmmaker Nishtha Jain and Mel Oakley of Dundee Heritage Trust. Ticket includes the Opening Night VIP Reception catered by Rae's. More...


Closing Night: Patrick and the Whale

UK Premiere: Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring world of whales, and the urgent need for their preservation, Plus a discussion with filmmaker Mark Fletcher and film’s main focus Patrick Dykstra. Afterwards, joins us for a nightcap to wrap-up the 1st festival. More...




Father Earth

Graham Fellows (aka John Shuttleworth) is on a mission to help save the planet, by converting a derelict church on a windswept island in Orkney into an eco friendly recording studio, having driven a G Wiz electric car there all the way from London. Q&A with filmmaker Graham Fellows. More...


The Ice Mile

Embrace the exhilaration of wild swimming by following a year in the life of swimmer Becca Harvey as she trains for an Ice Mile - a one-mile swim in water temperatures of 5 degrees Celsius or less. Q&A with ice swimmer Becca Harvey. More...


Into the Ice

Scottish Premiere: Kickstart your festival weekend with a breathtaking expedition as daring glaciologists reveal the mystery of Greenland's melting ice, capturing the spirit of exploration and urgency of climate science. Q&A with climate scientist Dr. Neven Fučkar and Nicole Pearson of SSE Renewables. More...


The North Drift

Scottish Premiere: Track the journey of GPS-tagged plastic waste from Europe to the Arctic Circle, underscoring the urgency to tackle marine pollution. Q&A with filmmaker Steffen Krones. More...


The Oil Machine

Confront the paradox of North Sea oil and gas drilling in the face of climate change ambitions. Q&A with film's contributor Jake Molloy and activist Kenny Alexander. More...



Journey through Scotland's rewilding process, examining the interplay between Atlantic salmon populations and forest ecosystems. Q&A with environmentalist Peter Cairns. More...




Shorts Programme: Swim Stories

The Ice Mile by Rachel Sarah, part of Swim Stories shorts programme

Embrace the exhilaration of wild swimming through inspiring short films featuring fearless women. Q&A with swimmer Becca Harvey. More...


Shorts Programme: Keep It Wild

The Ghost Rainforest

Ease into your Sunday with captivating short films that transport you from Hawaii to Scotland, East Africa and Siberia, spotlighting inspiring individuals making a difference in global conservation and restoration. More...



3D-animations spotlight urban plant resurgence in Cardiff during COVID-19, echoing our deep bond with nature amidst crisis. More...


Beavers About Town

Beavers About Town

Take a peek into the extraordinary lives of over 230 European beavers who have made the bustling city of Vienna their home. More...


Belle River

UK Premiere. As record-high spring floods loom, the residents of Pierre-Part, Louisiana, brace themselves for the potential opening of the spillway floodgates. More...


By Leaves We Live

By Leaves We Live

Young voices amplify this striking visual art installation in the Gorbals Rose Garden, created in collaboration with students from St. Francis and Blackfriars Primary Schools for COP26. More...


Change Direction

Change Direction

Using only her eyegaze communicator, student Greta McMillan directs this stirring call-to-action on climate change. More...


Chilly Dipper

As Hannah Maia grapples with pandemic lockdowns, she finds solace in an unexpected friendship and invigorating cold water swims and ice baths in her garden. More...


The Ghost Rainforest

Activist Narubia Werreria narrates the journey of five Amazonian leaders to a rare temperate rainforest in Scotland amidst the COP26 climate summit. More...



Oscar-nominated for Best Documentary Short Film 2023, Haulout follows a solitary man on the desolate Siberian Arctic coast, anticipating a timeless natural gathering. More...


If Turtles Could Talk

Follow the tireless efforts of three locals dedicated to the protection of turtles on Kenya's Jumba beach. More...


The Last Ski Maker in Scotland

The Last Ski Maker in Scotland

In the Scottish Highlands, Jamie Kunka carves a unique path, crafting sustainable wooden skis amidst the uncertain future of skiing in Scotland. More...


Ola Ka Honua 

UK Premiere. Immerse yourself in the inspiring story of dedicated volunteers at Auwahi, a historic forest on the island of Maui in Hawaii, in this gorgeous animated film. More...


The Rock Pool Waltz

The Rock Pool Waltz

Scottish Premiere. During the COVID-19 lockdown, a boy’s affinity for nature eases his loneliness and leads to an extraordinary friendship in this delightful youth film. More...



Acclaimed writer Adam Nicolson contemplates the troubling decline in seabird colonies on Scotland’s remote Shiant Isles, which he has visited each summer since childhood. More...


Trapped by Plastic

Trapped by Plastic

Anny Tubbs chronicles photographer Mandy Barker's decade-long quest to spotlight marine plastic pollution through evocative imagery. More...


The Water Holds Me / The Water Binds Us

The Water Holds Me, The Water Binds Us

This beautiful animated film brings to light the experiences of UK women who brave wild waters. More...




Explore our array of free events beyond the cinema, offering fun and entertainment for all ages.


1st LandxSea Eco Fair

The Montose Playhouse

A fantastic opportunity to discover local eco-friendly initiatives, savour delightful pop-up food and drinks, visit the Repair Café, and connect with a community passionate about environmental sustainability. Outdoors on The Mall, just outside the Montrose Playhouse on Saturday 16th. More...


All-Ages Interactive Workshops

Wild Tracks Tiles with the Clay Half

Bring the whole family to the Activity Room at the Montrose Playhouse on Festival Saturday for free drop-in workshops that promise fun for all ages. Includes Wildflower Seed Saving with Scotia Seeds, or making Nature Tracks Tiles with the Clay Half.


Kids' Club: Moana - A Family Adventure at the LandxSea Film Fest!

Join us for a magical journey across the seas! Bring the whole family and experience the enchanting world of Moana at our special Kids' Club screening. It's more than a movie. Sail into the magic and let your hearts sing with Moana's irresistible tunes! More...


Montrose Beach Dook

The Ice Mile

Take the plunge with our Sunday morning swim at Montrose Beach! Join the wave-riding alongside Becca Harvey, the intrepid swimmer featured in the film The Ice Mile. More...


Moving Images Caravan Cinema

Moving Images Caravan Cinema

Step into this solar-powered cinema caravan, originally from the 1980s and revamped into an 8-seater mobile cinema, to experience a 12-minute programme of short films, all connected to our festival's theme of land and sea. More...


Montrose's First Climate Café!

Climate Cafe

Come and be part of a global initiative right here in Montrose! Following our screening of The Oil Machine, we're hosting a special Climate Café® in the cosy Reel Bar. More...


Rae's Pop-Up Restaurant @ The Montrose Playhouse

Rae's Pop-Up Menu 16th Sept

We've teamed up with Rae's to craft an epicurean delight during the LandxSea Film Fest on 16th September. Revel in a vegan menu that's sustainably sourced, foraged, and locally grown. But hurry, seats are limited! More...


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