Moving Images Solar Powered Cinema Caravan

Saturday, 16 September, 2023 at 11:00 AM


The Mall
Montrose DD10 8NN
United Kingdom
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We're thrilled to welcome the unique Moving Images Cinema Caravan to the inaugural LandxSea Film Fest!

Step into this solar-powered cinema caravan, originally from the 1980s and revamped into an 8-seater mobile cinema, to experience a 12-minute programme of short films, all connected to our festival's theme of land and sea.

With full HD, immersive sound and captivating imagery, we aim to offer a micro cinematic experience that sparks ideas and prompts engaging discussions.

Catch the Cinema Caravan on The Mall outside the Montrose Playhouse from 11am-5pm during the LandxSea Eco Fair on Saturday 16th Sept. It's a cinematic journey you won't want to miss!

Entrance to the Cinema Caravan is free, no ticket required.






"Weeds aren't just weeds. They're like friends". 

Through 3D-animated photos, Allowed lyrically re-examines our relationship with urban plant life amidst biodiversity loss and the climate crisis. Set during the initial COVID-19 wave, this animated stroll through Cardiff captures wild growth flourishing during the lockdown, emphasising the resurgence of nature during the pandemic's pause. The film extends Bowes' exploration of our individual bond with the natural environment. (Directed by Zillah Bowes, UK, 3 mins)

Zillah BowesAbout the Filmmaker:

Zillah Bowes, an acclaimed Welsh/English filmmaker and artist, explores the bond between individuals and nature. Winner of multiple awards, including the British Journal of Photography's International Award, her work spans film, photography, and poetry. Trained at the NFTS, her nature-inspired practice incorporates diverse mediums from installation to sound. Beyond her remarkable filmography, Zillah's writings have been celebrated by institutions like the Royal Society of Literature.


Trapped by Plastic

Trapped by Plastic

British photographer Mandy Barker reveals the devastating and far-reaching impact of marine plastic pollution through her evocative work. Filmmaker Anny Tubbs, after meeting Mandy following her expedition with scientists to the South Pacific's Henderson Island, chronicles her decade-long journey, capturing the transformative power of her vibrant images as a compelling "call to action". Beyond captivating film festival audiences around the word, this film was shown as part of discussions on ending marine plastic pollution at EU Green Week 2021 and the COP26 Blue Zone installation by the British Council. (Directed by Anny Tubbs, UK, 9 mins)

Anny TubbsAbout the Filmmaker:

Transitioning from law, Anny Tubbs learned documentary filmmaking at the London Film Academy in 2019. Driven by years as a lawyer combatting unethical behaviour, she spotlights stories of individuals who are a force for good. Anny is inspired by people who have the values and practical skills to catalyse positive change. For her, documentaries are powerful tools, igniting dialogues and solutions to pressing issues.


Thank you to our programme partner:

Moving Images Cinema Caravan