Into the Ice + Q&A

Saturday, 16 September, 2023 at 1:00 PM


Montrose Playhouse
The Mall
Montrose DD10 8NN
United Kingdom
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Kickstart your festival weekend with a breathtaking expedition into Greenland's icy wilderness on the big screen with Lars Henrik Ostenfeld's impressive directorial debut. This inspiring film follows three fearless glaciologists - Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Alun Hubbard and Jason Box - on a daring mission: to descend into the constantly shifting crevasses and unearth crucial data about the melting of this massive ice expanse and its consequences for our oceans. Seeking to go beyond satellite measurements and computer models, these passionate and dedicated scientists place themselves at the heart of where our climate is changing. Despite the hair-raising dangers, they seek to answer a critical question — 'How fast is the ice melting?' — that could shape our collective future. Don't miss this awe-inspiring journey that underscores the urgency of climate science, the spirit of exploration, and the indomitable human resolve to safeguard our planet. (Directed by Lars Henrik Ostenfeld, Denmark/Germany, 86 min)

In English and Danish with English subtitles.

The screening will be followed by a live onstage Q&A with Dr. Neven Fučkar, climate scientist at the University of St. Andrews, and Nicole Pearson, Environment Manager with SSE Renewables.



Lars OstenfeldAbout the filmmaker:

Lars Ostenfeld, renowned for his nature and science documentaries, has directed award-winning Danish programs such as Wild, Wonderful Denmark and The Polar Bear Live, which was streamed directly to 200 TV stations during the COP22 climate summit. He has innovatively broadcasted live from space and the depths of the North Sea, contributing significantly to ocean exploration and the understanding of climate issues.

Neven FuckarDr. Neven Fučkar is a climate scientist who specialises in the dynamics and impacts of extreme climate events. He currently lectures in the School of Geography & Sustainable Development at the University of St. Andrews. Formerly a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow and COP26 Fellow at the University of Oxford, he completed his PhD at Princeton, examining the ocean's role in climate. With a broad expertise, from weather modelling to polar processes to machine learning, Dr. Fučkar's research influences our understanding of climate systems and their effects on human well-being.

Nicole PearsonNicole Pearson is an Environment Manager with SSE Renewables, working in offshore wind. Nicole has a B.Sc. in Ecology and Conservation from the University of St Andrews and an M.Sc. in Ecology and Environmental Sustainability from the University of Aberdeen. She has a varied background, from working in local authorities to conservation organisations. She has a strong interest in conservation and working with the local community to encourage people to connect with nature. She also writes a nature themed blog, Wee Wild Wonders.


With Short film:

Change Direction

Change Direction

Using only her eyegaze communicator, student Greta McMillan directs this stirring call-to-action on climate change. By sharing her personal journey to school, Greta demonstrates how technological advances can empower individuals with disabilities, enabling them to share important messages and express themselves creatively. (Directed by Greta McMillan, UK, 4 min)

Greta McMillanAbout the filmmaker:

Greta McMillan is a multifaceted creative practitioner in art, music, film, and metalwork, using an eyegaze computer to transform her eyes into a dynamic tool for communication and creation. Engaged in collaborative projects, she crafts unique pieces that express her voice and has made films explaining her innovative creative processes, which can be found at


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