Montrose Beach Dook

Sunday, 17 September, 2023 at 10:30 AM


Montrose Beach

Take the plunge with our Sunday swim at Montrose Beach!

Join the wave-riding alongside Becca Harvey, the intrepid swimmer featured in the film The Ice Mile. Watch her daring exploits on screen during our Swim Stories film programme on Saturday night at the Montrose Playhouse. Then, get inspired to make a splash yourself at this invigorating event the next morning.

After the swim, warm up with complimentary beverages and biscuits. Enjoy a cozy chat with members of the Montrose Polar Bear Swim Club, and make some new friends.

This event is free, open to everyone, and guarantees a whole lot of fun. Come, take the dook with us!


Where to meet up

Take Trail Drive across the Montrose Golf Links towards the sea.
Before you get to the beach, there is a car park on your right. Opposite the car park, there is a trail path down to the sea. Our group will be on the beach at the bottom of this trail path.

Google Map

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Montrose Dook Map

Important: Please only swim at your own risk and be responsible for yourself within your own swimming ability. Check swim conditions before each swim. Good information about how to prepare for and enjoy your swim can be found through The Outdoor Swimming Society.


Photo at top from The Ice Mile by Rachel Sarah, showing as part of this year's LandxSea Film Fest.