Watch Again: 2023 Festival Films Streaming Online

Watch Again: 2023 Festival Films Streaming Online

Rewatch Favourites From the 2023 Festival!

If you loved the 2023 LandxSea Film Fest or missed out, here's your chance to watch many of these incredible films again. From eco-warriors to undersea wonders, dive in!



Watch 'The Oil Machine' online now

Confronting the Rosebank Decision

Westminster's green light of the Rosebank oil field challenges our Net Zero ambitions and deepens the climate crisis. Will it truly bolster domestic energy security or reduce bills? Navigate the complexities of our energy narrative with eye-opening festival feature The Oil Machine.

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Rediscover Scotland's Wild Side

Explore the interplay between Atlantic salmon populations and forest ecosystems in the Festival gem Riverwoods.

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Watch Riverwoods online now

Watch 'Into the Ice' online now

Journey Into the Ice

Descend into Greenland's icy wildnerness with daring glaciologists in our Festival standout. Experience the thrill of discovery alongside the pressing need for climate awareness.

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Explore these films and many other 2023 Festival selections, from impactful features to lively shorts, online now.



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Photo at top: Audience at 1st LandxSea Film Fest. Photo credit: Anthony Baxter.