Celebrate Earth Day with Our Youth Initiatives at the LandxSea Film Fest 2024

Celebrate Earth Day with Our Youth Initiatives at the LandxSea Film Fest 2024
As we celebrate our planet today, we're excited to share two rewarding opportunities for young people to engage with environmental themes through cinema and discussion. Join us at the Montrose LandxSea Film Fest 2024 to inspire and empower the next generation of environmental champions.


Audience at LandxSea 2023


Young Filmmaker Competition

Are your children passionate about the environment? Encourage them to express their vision in the Young Filmmaker Competition! Open to individuals aged 18 and under, this contest invites young creators from around the globe to submit their short films on environmental issues, from recycling innovations to sustainable travel and beyond.

Key Details:

Schools Programme

Mark your calendars for the Schools Programme at the Montrose Playhouse on Friday, 13th September. Tailored sessions for Primary and Secondary schools will feature educational films and live discussions with filmmakers and environmental experts. It's a perfect field trip opportunity that aligns with Scotland's Climate Week.

Programme Highlights:

  • Date: Friday, 13 September
  • Time:10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Venue: The Montrose Playhouse
  • Reserve Tickets: Ticket Request Form

We look forward to celebrating youth creativity and passion at the LandxSea Film Fest in September. See you there!

Warm regards,
LandxSea Team

photo: audience at LandxSea 2023 by Anthony Baxter

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