What People are Saying About Montrose LandxSea Film Fest


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Our Festival Survey captures the views from movie-goers. 97% of respondents rated the festival as "excellent" (and the other 3% as "very good"). Here are some of the reasons why…

“Excellent films, important topics.”

“All the Q&As after each feature were amazing and informative.”

“I felt inspired and in awe of the talent.”

“There was a good community feel to the whole experience, thanks to the way the venue is designed and the festival was organised.”

“It was lovely to see and meet such a diverse group of people who share the same agenda.”

“The whole selection was great. The atmosphere in the cinema was extremely friendly - made so by the very welcoming staff. This was my first visit to the cinema and it is wonderful.”

“Was so nice to have perspectives from people who came from other countries.”

Patrick and the Whale brought fun to the topic. Fabulous end to the weekend. It gave me hope.”

“It was always the icing on the cake to hear from the filmmakers themselves and have a much deeper understanding of their reason for making the film we had all watched. That made the film festival very special.”

We also asked people how the programmes made them feel:

Audience reaction

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Guests at LandxSea FestFILMMAKERS & GUESTS


“It was such a pleasure to share the film with the Montrose audience. I carry back a lot of warmth and love. Every film seeks its right audience and my film found it in Montrose.”

~ Nishtha Jain, director of The Golden Thread





“When award-winning filmmaker Anthony Baxter first moved to Montrose, there wasn’t a cinema to be found between Dundee and Aberdeen. But now, thanks to the Angus town’s state-of-the-art, community-owned Playhouse, it’s become the ideal spot to host Scotland’s first ever climate-focused film festival. [...] A key element of the festival is making it available to all. After all, the climate crisis affects everyone on the planet.”

~ The Sunday Post


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In 2023, we launched our new online communities, connecting people to the films and discussions at Montrose LandxSea Film Fest. 

“Incredibly busy day with the @landxseafest in Montrose loved my loony dook wi the Montrose polar bears and todays films were awesome.”

“Full day yesterday and every film a winner. Powerful stuff and another whole day today
– starting with a wee paddle on the beach here... The full selection has been absolutely wonderful.”

“Fabulous day of diverse films on Sunday at the lovely Montrose Playhouse
as part of the LandxSea film festival... on themes of family, memory, environment, nature, the oceans and the creatures that live in them.”

“The cinematography was astonishing, following several groups of scientists in Greenland. The director Lars Ostenfeld wad aced with the reality of what it means to be devoting your life’s work (and death) for science.”

“Amazing closing film to the climate focused film festival here in Montrose – thank you.” “Amazing timing to be back in Montrose for this amazing film festival.”

“It was a revelation. Thank you so much for putting it together. (that language just doesn’t do justice to the hard work!)”

“It’s been a fantastic weekend so far. The discussions following the films have opened up new questions about climate. Can’t wait for today.”

““I’ve watched 9 fantastic films short and long with some superb Q&A’s after each film set. Every film a winner. Powerful stuff... The full selection has been absolutely wonderful.”




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Learn more about the Festival's impact in our 2023 Wrap Report.