Explore the 2023 Festival Programme

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Our Festival Vision

At Montrose LandxSea Film Festival, we're all about celebrating nature, sparking curiosity, and inspiring change. We're creating an engaging space where fascinating stories meet big ideas about our environment. It's all about connecting audiences with filmmakers and green-thinkers, encouraging meaningful chats about our planet, and of course, having a great time!

What's On The Programme?

We've got a mix of films that paint a broad picture of our relationship with land and sea. From compelling global stories to personal journeys, we're showcasing the rich tapestry of our natural world and the people who cherish it.

It's not just films, though! We have fun events lined up, like coffee talks with filmmakers, a refreshing Polar Bear Dook, and interactive workshops. We've got special treats for kids and families too, with dedicated film programmes and exciting nature activities.


Prepare to be surprised by a diverse array of films that shine a spotlight on our stunning coastal environments. From local tales to global narratives, our state-of-the-art cinema will bring you closer to the natural world. So sit back and let these stories stir your imagination!


Get ready for some fascinating conversations. We're bringing together bold filmmakers and leading environmental experts for talks that will inspire and motivate. Don't miss the chance to learn from these trailblazers, who are using their craft to make a difference.


Join us at our Community Hub, the heart of the festival within the community-owned Montrose Playhouse cinema and arts venue. Here, we'll host free panels and workshops led by organisations and individuals who are champions of environmental activism. Whether you're new to the cause or already involved, this is your chance to connect, learn, and get involved.


Dive into the heart of local environmental initiatives at our Eco Fair on Saturday 16th September. Enjoy pop-up food and beverages, and explore stalls from sustainable businesses and eco-friendly organisations, all in the outdoor setting of The Mall outside The Montrose Playhouse.


Who says you can't have fun while making a difference? Our social events promise lots of smiles, laughter, and community spirit. Brace yourself for our thrilling Polar Bear Dook at Montrose Beach, enjoy relaxed coffee talks with filmmakers, and meet new friends at our community gatherings.


We haven't forgotten our little environmental champions! We've got a delightful selection of family-friendly films and fun, educational activities. Explore nature through guided walks, get creative in hands-on workshops, and enjoy cinema experiences crafted for all ages.


Photos at top from The Ice Mile, Riverwoods, The Oil Machine, The Last Ski Maker in Scotland.